3-Year Old Choosing Colors For My Apartment Walls

"...the yaw of the sceptical salesman dropped as I showed him the choices my son had made in just a few minutes..."
Today I went to the store to buy paint, for the walls in our apartment. And my son came along. He's almost 3.5yrs old now. I had an idea about what colors to choose, but asked for my sons opinion too, and even though the salesman and the other people in the store were questioning my decision to let him choose - I did, for fun and I've actually noticed that he chooses really well for himself. He actually wanted to play so he was very focused on picking them out intuitively (which is same as - making it fast), and with utter confidence ~ a professional. It took no more than 5 minutes and he got a super selection of colors for us. AND at second glance, it was GENIUS cuz even all rooms that are close to each other got colors that matched beautifully together. The colors were also very close to the ones I had in mind, like "an enhanced version" of them. The more I pondered it, the more genius I realized that his choices were.
Happy Child
The photo captures almost how they actually look like. Kitchen will be a rich brownish-red color (1st one on the left) matching the rich blue klinker bricks. In the living room and hallway a happy rosey color that marries the kitchen color with delicious grace (the dark brown together with the rose almost look like a chocolate cake with raspberry flavored cream, how about that as you enter the kitchen ~ welcoming and cosy)!!! The bigger bedroom goes in a greenish blue (kinda like a tropical ocean), the smaller room goes in light yellow and the walk-in-closet that goes with that room (for my sons toys and clothes) got a happy sunny yellow. The light yellow and the rose color of the hallway goes excellently together. And in the walk-in-closet of the hallway, he chose a rich olive which goes together both with the hallway rose and his light yellow walls. And well, he picked out these without second thoughts..lol..as if knowing already they'd all match like a lifetime happily married couple!!! So sweet, and so easy. What a team! And the yaw of the sceptical salesman dropped as I showed him the choices my son had made in just a few minutes. :))) He had "rolled his eyes" with his whole body as I expressed that I was just going to consult my son for a few minutes...LOL... High-10 for being playful! And now my son is beyond excited about getting all the new colors up :))) Sweet Life :)))
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