Free Meditation Downloads & Inspiration By Great Teachers!!! [John Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornsfield, Sally Kempton, Adyashanti, and many more!!!]

I just downloaded some free gifts from Sounds True, and wanted to let you know about it! Including six meditation practices!!! ENJOY :)))
Tracks include:
1. "Breathing Meditation" from Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield
2. "Meditation for Relaxation" from Meditation: A Beginner's Guide by Shinzen Young
3. "Mindfulness Meditation" from The Neuroscience of Change by Kelly McGonigal
4. "A Pause for Presence" from Mindfulness Meditation by Tara Brach
5. "Meditation on Compassion" from Guided Meditations for Love and Wisdom by Sharon Salzberg
6. "The Healing Lake Meditation" from Meditation for Optimum Health by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Andrew Weil, MD
Also got, an E-book with wisdom from great teachers :)))
Ebook includes:
1. "Adjusting Your Default Setting" from Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn
2. "What's Love Got To Do With It?" from Living Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg
3. "Grace Is All Around Us" from Falling into Grace by Adyashanti
4. "Surrender Only into Love" from Finding God Through Sex by David Deida
5. "The Longing to Become Who We Are" from Touching Enlightenment by Reginald A. Ray
6. "What Is Your Story?" from The Diamond in Your Pocket by Gangaji
7. "The Healing Power of Self-Compassion" from The Kindness Handbook by Sharon Salzberg
8. "The Five Stages of Radical Forgiveness" from Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping
9. "On Contemplation" from Choosing to Love the World by Thomas Merton
10. "The Wisdom of Our Difficulties" from A Lamp in the Darkness by Jack Kornfield
11. "Entering the Cave of the Heart" from Meditation for the Love of It by Sally Kempton
12. "A Source Beyond Ego, a Grace Beyond Luck" from Life Visioning by Michael Bernard Beckwith
Click HERE to go to Sounds True (note that this might be a time sensitive offer)
The E-book is about 19 pages, and contains a selection of excerpts from the above teachers. And the Meditations are all Mindfulness, with different approaches to enjoy more of that, approx 10 mins each and one of them almost 19 mins. I've listened to the first meditation, where Jack Kornfield guides a breath awareness meditation.

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