Good-Feeling-Treating Yourself?

Christmas is almost here, and how are YOU doing? Are you Good-Feeling-Treating yourself, or forgot maybe in the midst of everything else... It's pretty easy to create a new habit of automatically Good-Feeling-Treating yourself on a regular basis :))) Have you tried?? I've got some fun and good-feeling ways to get in the process of it! I'm calling them "challenges", although they are mostly to actually ENJOY life more fully!! Are you enjoying your life? If not, you can start any time :))) Need some inspiration or a gentle nudge? Click HERE for the latest Challenge called "I Made My Day!"! Enjoy, starting right now!!
What are the things you love most to talk and think about? What gives you joy? It's a great tool for when not feeling it... hint hint :)))
I've got plenty of things I love thinking about... ♥ And if you don't, no discouragement... it's all about practiced habit, YOU can be in charge anytime you desire it!!
Good-Feeling-Treating Yourself on a regular basis and it's EVIDENT... yum :)))
♥ Happy FRIDAY Everyone :)))
Ps... Christmas is up anytime soon, celebrating with some Good-Feeling-Treating Yourself I hope... :))) I am!!!

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