Christmas Craziness

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! Are you having a good time? Or are you being over-ambitious? I know I'm not, and it's awesome. I'm being as laid back as usual, and it amuses me to witness all the craziness going on "for nothing"... or really for "discomfort". Who are comfortable when stressed out ? :))) No one of course. So what to do when stress is the norm, the automatic habit... how about changing it for another a habit - a Good-Feeling-One maybe?? :))) It's a great thing to start such a process I've found. Life becomes very enjoyable and actually a lot more interesting since you can be more aware of the beauty and fun stuff going on around you, you're not busy with being stressed :))) This is somewhat kind of hard to grasp when stressed out, you might think there is "no other way to make this and that happen", that it would feel wrong to not be stressed, that you might get nothing done without being stressed..lol..and such... but it's actually a delight to find out how enjoyable and stress free life can be as you actually "achieve" MORE as a result as well. How about that for a brain-twister during the holidays... :))) If you're reading this you're probably not as stressed as the majority though, you've already ratchet it back a notch or a few... and gotten ready to enjoy life more fully every day. There is a lot of beauty, a lot of fun and a lot of excitement ahead.. let's experience it fully in each moment!!! Happy Holidays - For Realz!!! :)))) Cheers Fellow Wonder-Beings!!!! And let me know what wonders you experienced during these enjoyable holidays, big or small, doesn't matter... YOU are the the one deciding the wonder of it!! :)))

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