LOVE My New Ones ~ My Third Pair Five Fingers :)))

Oh My! I'm in LOVE with these shoes, The Vibram Five Fingers, and I got a package in the mail today! My new pair! I bought my first ones a few years ago and fell in love at first try... they are the most comfy shoes I've EVER used!!! And I'm amazed over their ability... I have two pair of the "classic" model, and now I got myself a pair of "Bikila", which (to my amazement) are EVEN MORE COMFY... they are divine :))) How comfy can a snug shoe get?? I've been using my classics on concrete floors and even run some in hallways with concrete floors, and I feel better than ever in my legs and back after long days of walking and standing for several hours in a row... (during surgery for example)! I ADORE these shoes and a few other people I know have dared to buy them - and have fallen in love just like me... Sweet delight :))) Which shoes are YOUR absolute favorites, and why? :)))


  1. My Keen shoes! Really comfy. When I took them on in the shop I didn't want to take them off... :) <3