{Love Made} Divine Vanilla Creamed "Rice" With Almonds & Cacao Nibs ~ RAW

This AMAZING dessert or snack/breakfast is super delicious, filling and great for body and soul :))) So let's get started right now!
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Creamed RAW Vanilla "Rice" ~ With Chopped Almonds, Mesquite & Cocoa Nibs (makes about 2 cups)
2 cups (4,5-5dl) of parsnip "rice" (peel and chop two smaller parsnips, processing them into "rice" using a food processor or similar)
A handful chopped almonds
3/4 of a cup (1,5dl)cashews
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons honey
0.5-2 teaspoons vanilla seeds (I used a lot of it, maybe even more than 2 teaspoons..)
water (or coconut water) added gradually until desired consistency, I used about 3/4 of a cup (1,5dl)
mesquite to taste - I used about 1 teaspoon, but add it gradually and taste so it's "just right" amount for your taste :)
cacao nibs to top with
Fruit sorbet to top with (optional, I love this one)
- mix frozen berries (I used strawberries, raspberries and mango) and a few fresh pitted dates in a food processor or similar, until desired consistency... serve immediately.. or let it became a sauce if you prefer... (or use fresh berries and some dates) ...
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Make the "rice" and set aside in a bowl and add the chopped almonds. Then start to make the vanilla cream sauce. First of all, mix the cashews in a food processor or similar, until a fine "flour", and then add all the other ingredients except the water, which will be added gradually. When all is mixed and attained your desired consistency, add some mesquite to taste...taste it.. it should give a divine touch of toffee flavor.. when satisfied with the amount of it - pour the vanilla cream over the rice and almonds. Blend until well combined and chill or serve immediately topped with cacao nibs. If you want to serve with the sorbet, it's a delicious addition and takes just a couple of minutes to make. If so, just set the creamed rice aside or in the refrigerator - blend your frozen berries/fruit and add a few fresh pitted dates... and serve some on top of the rice with the cacao nibs... Ahhh, DIVINE :)))
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