{Love Made} Organic Rubarb Vanilla Marmalade & more...

[all organic as always]

2-3 dl of newly peeled and chopped Rubarb
1 small sweet pear, chopped
1 sweet "unbleached" apricot, chopped in tiny pieces
Vanilla Seeds
Small amount of water (1-2 tablespoons)

Stir all ingredients with Love at low heat until makes a marmalade. Taste to see if needing more sweetness (I didn't need any), if so - add some Agave Nectar.

I enjoyed this Rubarb-Vanilla-Marmalade with an Organic Coconut Cream* on toasted bread... yum!

*Ps: Ingredients for the Organic Coconut Cream...philadelphia cheese, lotsa coconut, mintleaves, some herbal salt and Love

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