Day 1 of "Blow-My-Own-Mind" Challenge ~ Woozaa!!!

Yay, at it again! A new challenge and it's soooo much FUN!!! I've prepared for my Bounce-story with selecting a subject and writing "BOUNCE" on top of a piece of paper, as a reminder to write it! This morning as I woke up, I remembered to start the Appreciation...LOVE starting my day this way. Looking forward to having to stop myself if engaging in something (even mind-talk) that doesn't feel good, this is a fabulous way of fine-tuning! So this morning after the appreciation I did some really-good-feeling yoga practice, stayed in savasana with delicious music by Wah! flushing over my body...yum! Then I found some more yummy music to enjoy, and went singing into the kitchen to do the dishes and make a morning smoothie... today I used...
Love + Song + Mango + Blueberries + Apple + 1 tbsp Hemp Protein + 5 Para nuts
[para nut is not really a nut I've read... here is the latin name: Bertholle´tia exce´lsa]
Some of the mango I had frozen, and it was about double amount of mango than blueberries... and a third of a small apple.. The mango gives it a creamy touch and feel free to use more of the frozen as it becomes more like an icecream.. and the apple gave it a very refreshing touch, and I added it to the blender last, so some crunchy pieces were left... yum! Feel free to add water or other liquid like coconut water until desired thickness! I topped with apple, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds... AND sang as I prepared it - that's my favorite way of making food!
Details for Blow-My-Own-Mind Challenge you can find HERE!!

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