New 30-day "Blow My Own Mind" Challenge ~ Get Ready To Embark!

I've been asked to share a new challenge, so I will! I've got a lot of favorites to choose from and for me it will be a continuation from the last ones, read more about it HERE! So the theme for me this time will be fine-tuning! And I'll share some instructions and add some of the things I've found very helpful before, but have gone beyond already. One thing that is VERY powerful is Appreciation, deliberately and actively appreciate! So this will be part of it! Another thing is to NOTICE what went well today & write it down. (this one is especially helpful and effective if you are new to this!!) Then, there is something I'd like to add, that I've been practicing for quite a while, especially during the Playfulness-Challenge... and this is to refrain to express myself about what is "not-going-as-I-want-it-to". I found it VERY powerful, although a little tricky in the beginning to apply. If this feels really awkward, if you are new to this - concentrate on finding a consistent habit of appreciation first, including for yourself. That will make it much easier. This time around I'd also love to incorporate a lovely thing I did some time ago, and it's to express the "bouncing place" of unwanted situations. If you are familiar with the teachings of Abraham Hicks, this would be explained as "Write about what is in your vortex on the subject"... which means, that you're writing about the situation in a way that feels good to you - and describing the "opposite"... in the sense that you already know what you don't want and THAT made it clear what you actually WOULD LOVE to experience instead. THAT part goes into the story. Write it as you get into the groove of it, make it feel as much "yours" as possible. And if the subject is too "hard", then leave it for awhile, find something easier to "Bounce" on. So HERE WE GO, presenting the :
* Evening exercise: Write about what went RIGHT today (leave the rest out, so if you currently write about your day describing both joy and frustration, take a break from that during this period!)
* Morning exercise, first thing: Appreciate whatever comes to mind, begin with your pillow, bed linen, bed room, the new day etc... and move on from there.. Aim for at least ONE MINUTE, and get in the appreciation-feeling of it! And feel free to do it longer, or a-lot-longer if that feels delicious and easy!!!
* During the day, generally: be mindful about how you are picking what to talk about, what to write - what you get triggered by to engage in. And every time you find yourself engaging in something that does not feel good, mindfully and gently (be easy on yourself, this is an adventure) - leave the conversation/leave the text/leave the engagement in unfairness or whatever it was that triggered you... and focus ELSEWHERE. (if you notice yourself engage again, gently repeat this and focus elsewhere)
* During the day, specifically: Sit down to write the "Bounce"-story, about a subject that feels uncomfortable at the moment. (but at least writable!) Find what it is about it that makes it feels uncomfortable and BOUNCE right away, by acknowledging how you would LOVE to feel in this situation instead. Note that this is about finding the "bounce" place, so just briefly touch on the unwanted subject, with the aim of finding the "opposite" feeling-place.. then expand from there. This exercise will be less than 1% focus on the unwanted... I'm clarifying this, since it's opposite to the "mainstream" way to approach things :))) Write about it in general terms, and focus on the feeling you want to create as well as "how would this situation look like if it'd change to my preferences right now?"
All this should feel enjoyable while you are at it, might be you have to "make yourself" do it, but the relief and the benefit emotionally should show itself shortly! Alright, EVERY SINGLE DAY for 30-days, starting TOMORROW on the 7th of September. Check it right now - where you've got some pens and paper! Ready? Steady? Enjoy!
Ps: During and after the previous challenges I've got a lot of feedback so I haven't always been able to respond to each personally, but please know that all feedback in writing, as donations or sharing this with others that are inspired ~ it's all always VERY APPRECIATED!!! Thank YOU in advance!
NOTE: I always get questions about HOW to donate, so here is how: There is a donation button on the left-hand-side of the blog page, click it and most credit/cash card are excepted. You can choose how much you want to donate. Paypal charges 10% or something for the transaction, but this will not be charged from you "on top", instead it's drawn from the amount you donate.

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