Day 24 ~ Molding Reality And Raw Homemade Lunch :)))

This last period have been somewhat intense yet very rewarding, and I'm utterly satisfied with the effectiveness of the current challenge!!! The 30 day Molding Reality Extravaganza!!! (Details HERE) Already on day 24 and been loving every minute of it :)))
The ease of always having a simple, easy and magnificently effective tool - always available is a sheer delight!! And I love how some extra stuff shows up during these times when I'm extra prepared to "handle it", shoring up the self-empowerment and the feeling of invincibility! All is working out well for me, and I'm noticing it faster and faster with everything coming my way, it ALL is going my way however it seems in the current moment. Genius!!!
Wonderful to feel invincible and every little detail is celebrated! Today's lunch was a celebration too, all homemade and delicious and satisfying! Served a Forest Mushroom Burgers (Raw/Vegan) with Salsa, Guacamole and Leek Flavored Seed Crackers! All recipes are on this blog, and the guacamole I did today was with avocado, chopped mini tomato, mini leek, herbal salt & sour cream. I like to use some other ingredients too, but this was today's recipe. Found it very satisfying on all levels :))) Links to more recipes can be found below!
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Here are some examples of what you can find here on this blog: Raw Cheesecake, Raw Choco Chip Cookies, Raw Fruit Loops/Leather, Raw Pasta Alfredo, Raw Chai Flavored Chia Pudding , Super Easy Raw Breakfast Treat , Delicious RAW Brownie, Strawberry-Filled-Yummy-Bites, The Oh-So-Lovely-Raspberry-Hazelnut-Chia-Pudding.., Raw Tiramisu - EASY and DELICIOUS, Gingerbread flavored Raw mudcake/fudge, Raw Seed Crackers with Leek and Lemongrass, Raw chocolate truffle....and more... :)))

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